Saturday 21:30 ResidenceSEA presents “doorloop, 2 performances by Lieneke Pisters and Hee-Seung Choi. two artists from Holland.

You are welcome to join us at ResidenceSEA, Kilkis road 27, behind the Pankritio stadium.  at ResidenceSEA for an evening of informal conversation and performance.

Doors open at 21:30 | doorloop starts at 22:00

Hee-Seung Choi is a visual artist and Lieneke Pisters is a music theatre performer. With their different artistic backgrounds, they used ResidenceSEA as a platform for artistic exchange by engaging in discussions and assisting one another while taking inspiration from their temporary environment, Heraklion, Crete.

For more information about their work at ResidenceSEA, visit our website:

This evening they will present their work in progress at ResidenceSEA under the title of “doorloop,” which is a Dutch word used in performance and theatre for a run-through. Lieneke is collaborating with the local musicians Agis Argiros (keys) & Andreas Macropulos (guitar) to compose and write the lyric of a song inspired by the Greek chorus under the title of ‘The Balance Song‘ for her music theater piece “ENERGY“.  Hee-Seung Choi is  performing her work in progress Everybody Knew Everything About Ida.

Still image from the video of Everybody Knew Everything About Ida by Hee-Seung Choi.
Lieneke Pisters potrait