Welcome Lieneke Pisters & Hee-Seung Choi

Two Netherlands-based artists — Lieneke Pisters, a music theatre performer and Hee-Seung Choi, a visual artist and composer — will share their time at ResidenceSEA, reflecting on different aspects of existential experience in modern society: “energy” and  “public image.” With their different artistic backgrounds, they intend to use ResidenceSEA as a platform for artistic exchange by engaging in discussions and assisting one another. They will look for inspiration in the new rhythms, new sounds, and old tales of Crete that are rooted in the origins of European culture.

In her latest work about “energy,” Lieneke researched the experience of burnout, a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. It’s a phenomenon that is frequently encountered by young urban people. Here on the island she would like to add another dimension to the project, while exploring the possibility of integrating the Greek chorus that is part of ancient Greek theatre. She will use sound, including her own voice, as the main medium.

Lieneke Pisters completed her master’s course in Modern Music Theatre (T.I.M.E.) at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, graduating in 2014. Being both a performer and fitness trainer, she has a fascination for issues concerning wellness and health. Since last year, she has been developing a musictheatre performance under the working title of Energy, its most recent developments have been showcased in different cities in the Netherlands. As the project continues to grow, she formed a band together with drummer Maximilian Hilpert. Starting from last winter, Lieneke has also been training with a vocal coach Roderik Povel as part of expanding her artistic expression.

Hee-Seung is interested in the concept of “public image” that has become more relevant in the age of social media: it is defined by the public and largely focuses on popularity and fame. In approaching the subject, Gertrude Stein’s novel Ida will be used as a starting point. In the novel, the protagonist Ida is depicted as someone who constantly rests, responds to the desires of others and becomes famous for being famous. Combined with her personification of Mount Ida, a famous landmark of Crete, she plans to create her own version of “Ida” using text, video and physical movement.

 Hee-Seung Choi (1976) is a Korean-American artist based in Amsterdam.  Her initial background is in music.  Before relocating to the Netherlands, she was mainly a composer and instrumentalist. She draws her inspiration from familiar signs, routines and arrangements found in everyday life; and works in a combination of media, including video, performance, sound and installation. Text has always been an integral part of her work as her artistic conversation is closely intertwined with literary discourse.

The developments made during the residency will be presented as a performance at the end of their stay in Crete at ResidenceSEA.


Pictures of Mount IDA, Psiloritis and Zeus ‘s cave.