Capsule Archetyp

Capsule Archetyp is a multi media installation realised by Sadie Weis during her ResidenceSEA in Heraklion. She did  research about the local community and the surrounding, collecting stories and materials, crystallizing them in a site-specific work.


Sadie Weis talk about her experience at ResidenceSEA: “During my period of time at Residencsea, I created a documentary archeological project of Cretan cultural identity by chronicling contemporary social and habitually human behaviors and by immersing myself in the lattice work of the island and it’s inhabitants. It was important for me to go beyond the border of easy space and make efforts to explore and learn the stories of individuals, from the supermarket to the sea. One can explore the forth most areas, but it was important for me to make efforts to get lost, so to speak, and to talk to local strangers and absorb their stories and their perspectives. In this case, I made a point to walk around every corner of city and village I could manage. I would often also go to the bus station, to listen to the destination of travellers, local and beyond, or asking a stranger where to go, and then simply grabbing a ticket to see where I would end up, and to listen and learn. My project was able to flourish spontaneously in this way, and I gathered stories, emotions- both political and passionate, artefacts, pictures, text, video, dreams. I collected these elements as treasures and transformed them, some by an actual scientific crystallization process, many as they were discovered naturally, and incorporated them into a multi-media installation as well as a cultural time capsule of demographic culture and a further journey to the understanding of identity.”

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Thanks Sadie Weis and Antje Larsen for the photography