Welcome Sadie Weis

Sadie Weis arrived at ResidenceSEA last night from Berlin! She will stay here for 3 weeks to create a cultural time capsule of the Cretan culture.

She said: ‘As the project develops and matures, as human behavioural elements are crystallised in time and space, I realise that keen awareness of the presence is an important tool to penetrate the future.’

Sadie will collect and excavate cultural artefacts of the local and surrounding environment, such as articles and remnants of human traces and other living elements of Crete.  These elements will by documented, recorded, and then preserved through a scientific crystallisation process and presented into an multi-media installation.

Sadie Weis is a multi-media artist from Kansas, United States based in Berlin. Her work reflects on the concepts of the occult, magic and science fiction using video, printmaking, sculptures and installations.

For more info about Sadie’s work visit her website at http://www.sadieweis.com/