Welcome Rafa Carvalho

Today the Brazilian poet Rafa Carvalho arrived at residenceSEA! He comes to work with us and to improve performing techniques and poetry inspired by the SEA sensations. 

You are welcome to meet him at the residenceSEA during the next 3 weeks, he is open to collaborate with local artists and the community of Heraklion.

Rafa wrote a book of poems called “auto-mar” and created a musical project named “nau frágil”, and travel with them. Having the rhythm as a base for songs, poems, dances and storytelling, Rafa wants to conceive a new presentation at residenceSEA interacting with multimedia resources, new partners, SEA facilities and Heraklion community.
Rafa Carvalho  works with Poetry in a constant dialogue with all kinds of artistic languages, such as video , photos, music and performative arts. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, at 1985 and has very strong roots in Bahia, influenced by Indigenous, African and Mediterranean ancestors. The sea is a central theme of his work. Rafa has lived and travelled around the world, through about 20 countries, 4 continents, either being a poet, a teacher, a hitch-hiker, part of a circus crew, a monk. And so the list goes 😉 He is definitely an interesting poet to meet at residenceSEA.