Welcome Łukasz Krupski

Łukasz Maria Krupski arrived today at ResidenceSEA. He is a young sculptor from Poland and he will research ancient Greek sculpture and the connection with contemporary hyperspace. Łukasz got his Master of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and studied philosophy and psychology at Warsaw University.

Lukasz’s statement: “I like to emphasize the dependence of contemporary men on technology, computers and the Internet – and ask following question: Can we live without it? Do people from ancient times, the authors of myths, still have something important to tell us? Is tradition still necessary for the contemporary culture, in the times of postmodernism? These are the issues that I want to touch upon with my sculpture. I want to intensify, in creative way, a reflection on the relation between our modern culture and the cultures that were standing in the beginning of civilizations.”

“Being in the midst of a creative fervour, struggling with profound questions, often eternal as a history itself with giants whose images I process anew to meet them and somehow face them – it is worth to pause, look back and ask myself “why?” The decisions that I have made in almost immemorial times of childhood have impact on my life, over the years are fulfilled with new meanings, new contexts. Therefore, I ask myself the following question: “what is my sculpting?” It is connected largely with contradictions, the expression of tragism, which is a part of human condition. A sculpture is, for me, an attempt of my own spiritual condition, is an attempt to understand my place in culture, in time. It is an attempt to answer the question ‘what is this “human condition”? Struggling with the material world, shaping the masses is a fascinating try to catch the spiritual reality in a material space. It is absolutely amazing, almost unreachable, because how to include L O G O S in the clods of clay?! A sculpture is, therefore, a tragical try, a try of Sisyphus, to connect something that is not to be connected. My goal is not to connect the worlds of the matter and the spirit in a complete way – Sacrum and Profanum, my goal is to follow after this impossible connection, to struggle. And after this effort, there come my choices of topics. Stories included in the literary works, great myths of humanity, legends are the pretexts for reflection, for questions most contemporary – “who am I?”, “What is culture?”, “What was culture and what it becomes?”. Therefore, when I, for example, interpret The Greek Myth of Europe, I ask myself: What is the culture that I grew in? And, what goes with it, where does it head for? I would like to ask these questions to people who have gone, but who remain in some other form. These people whose genius, heroism and sacrifice turned out to be more permanent then themselves. All these masses that I shape, which reflect my thoughts and perceptions of the reality, have a goal to record these ephemeral experiences, materialises them and share them with others. And it is the time for me to open myself to other cultures and to exchange these ephemeral experiences.”