Welcome Lose Combo

Today arrive at ResidenceSEA LOSE COMBO a performance company based in Berlin, founded by the German artist Jörg Laue. Since 1994 Lose Combo developed several hybrid long-time project series – manly on the issues of “myth/history”, “ghost-stories of media” and “labyrinths of time”.

Jörg Laue will stay at ResidenceSEA for tree weeks and collaborate with the visual artist Esther Ernst creating a new  project series on “performance and cartography”. The leading question of this series is: what may be a map as a performance? Or the other way around: in which ways it may be possible to devise a performance piece as a map?

Jörg Laue is working on the borderlines of theatre performance, visual arts and contemporary music.  See for example the performances: Time ZonesHydras Trace, or the installation in the photo below called BRAUN light.


The artists said:“One part of the project should deal with the Myth of Europe that is sadly and alarmingly up to date these days again (the whole complex of violence, escape, rape and abuse, of seduction, foreignness and vain hopes…). Therefore I’d like very much to do research at one of the places of the myth’s origins and to do literally mappings of Europe’s “first goal” and the so-called European values.The process of research/mapping I consider as the beginning of a performance piece itself, just as the Myth of Europe keeps a process.”

Jörg Laue, born 1964 in Gudensberg (Germany), lives in Berlin. From 1988–93 he studied Applied Theatre Studies at University of Giessen; in 1994 he founded LOSE COMBO, through which he is realizing live-art-projects on the borderlines of stage-performance, visual arts and contemporary music. He also is creating sound-, light- and video-installations and writings, lectures, been recipient of several residencies and scholarships and is teaching at Universities and Art Schools in Germany and Switzerland.lose-combo

Esther Ernst , born in 1977 in Bale, lives in Berlin and Switzerland. She studied Fine Arts and Stage Design at Art Schools in Zurich, Bale, Hamburg and at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She is working in media of drawing and is realizing long-term collection projects. She did a large amount of solo and group shows at home and abroad, is presented in various art collections and has received several international awards and scholarships.

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