Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Below some tips and tricks to help you make your stay productive and enjoyable.


name: lido,  password:  a1041975

Need to contact us?

For any questions email or Skype michelapelusio.


In case of an emergency, there may be people at home upstairs. There are neighbors too. If it is semi-urgent contact us (see above).

If it is a real emergency call one of the numbers below:

  • Police : 100
  • Fire Dept : 199
  • Ambulance : 166
  • Tourist Police : 2810-283190
  • University General Hospital (PAGNI) (Voutes): 2810 392111
  • Heraklion Police Department (El. Venizelou Square): 2810 282243

How do I get to Heraklion?

It is easy and often cheap to fly to Crete. For ResidenceSEA the closest airport is Heraklion (Iraklio) also known as Nikos Kazantzakis airport.

Chania is another big airport. Chania is about 140km west of ResidenceSEA. There are buses between Chania and Heraklion every hour (costs about 15 euro). A taxi from Chania airport to Heraklion will cost about 150 euro.

In summer (from April to October) there are many budget airlines flying to Crete, like Easyjet, Transavia, Ryanair, Germanwings, TUIFLy, Vueling, et cetera, which take you to Crete, from a range of European cities.

In the winter (from October to April) there are much less flights. In this period often the only flights you can find are flights via Athens. To get from Athens airport to Heraklion see Aegean airlines or Sky express. In winter time you often have a stopover in Athens.

From Heraklion airport you can take a bus (just outside the airport). Ask for Pankritio stadio, Amoudara. You can also take a taxi (which will cost about 15/20 euro).

You can also take a boat to Heraklion. There are night boats all year, leaving at around 9 o’clock in the evening from the Piraeus port in Athens. In summer there are also day boats, leaving at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Ferry companies are Anek lines (Superfast), or Minoan lines. The port of Heraklion is close to the center of Heraklion. You could walk from the port (around 30 minutes) or take a taxi (taxis are cheap in Heraklion).

If you want to drive to Crete from mainland Europe, the most comfortable is to take a ferry from Ancona (Italy) to Patras (22 hours), drive from Patras to Piraeus, Athens (3 hours) and then take the boat from Pireaus to Heraklion. It is a nice road-trip, but cheaper is to fly to Heraklion and rent a car there.

How do I get to ResidenceSEA?

ResidenceSEA is in Heraklion, where the sand beach of Amoudara starts, behind the Pankritio football stadium. If you get lost or need to give directions in Greek, here are directions you can use:

  • Pankritio stadio – This will get you close. ResidenceSEA is on the  beach behind the big football stadium called Pankritio stadio.
  •  Odos Kilkis – Taverna Ta Kalitera – Palio Lido – This will get you to the destination. Just before the stadium there is a small street called Kilkis which leads to a beach taverna called Ta Kalitera. It is well-known. The ResidenceSEA is a big house on the beach, 100 meter west of the tavern (face the sea, then walk left).

Note that sometimes taxis will drive down the other side of the taverna Ta Kalitera. Just remember that ResidenceSEA is west of the taverna Ta Kalitera (i.e. facing the sea, left). If you order a taxi you might have the same confusion. In these cases it is often faster to just walk around the taverna, instead of trying to get the taxidriver to drive into the Kilkis road. Or call our taxi driver at +306951953232 he will take you in front of the door for a special price.

Food, groceries, supermarket?

  • Restaurant: In summer there is a great fish restaurant just 100m east, on the beach, called Taverna Ta Kalitera. Just order a salad and some grilled sardines and you will eat cheap and healthy. In case you did not know, the Greek way of restaurant eating is different than in continental Europe (where each guest orders one plate for himself). In Greece the custom is to take a number of small plates (sometimes translated to ‘apetizers’). If you are alone 2-3 small plates are enough, if you are two, 3-4 are enough. They serve the food quickly so you can always order more later if you like anything else.
  • Bakery and supermarket: The closest bakery is at about 5 minutes walk. From ResidenceSEA, pass clockwise around the stadium, go right, pass the gas station, continue in this direction, until you hit a crossing with traffic lights. Here you will find fastfood and take-away coffee: The place is called Grand Cafe. There is also a bakery just opposite the road of Grand Cafe, for bread, croissants, etc. Right next to the bakery there is a supermarket and a tools shop. If you continue more to the west you will find Lidl and a Carrefour (open weekdays and saturday). Lidl is a cheap supermarket to get stuff for cooking or for a party.
  • Late night: At night and on Sunday a lot of shops are closed. But there are countless Periptero in Heraklion. Periptero are small shops selling newspapers, icecream, food, tobacco, whiskey, bus tickets, etc. Most sell also packs of milk, yogurt, fruit juices and some have basic breakfast (croissants). Some are open until late.


  • Taxi: The easiest transport is taxi. To get to ResidenceSEA just ask for Pankritio stadium and mention also Odos Kilkis, or Taverna Ta Kalitera. Taxis are cheap in Greece and there are many. You can also call our taxi driver:  +306951953232, or book him online at
  • Bus: From the airport the bus stop is a couple of mins walk from the terminal building Heraklion Airport. It is the most economical bus transportation from / to the airport. Local shuttle buses leave from the airport every few minutes from early morning until late in the evening from Monday to Saturday and less frequently on Sundays. City bus number 78 goes to the bus station in Heraklion / Iraklion. Journey time to central heraklion is around 20 minutes. Local Bus Phone Number: (0030) 2810 245020
    To get to residenceSEA you could take a bus from the airport which goes to Amoudara or any bus that goes to Heraklion (tickets are about 1,50) and you could take a taxi for the last bit (just a couple euros). Important is to ask for Pankritio stadio.
  • Scooter-rental: It is easy to rent a scooter on Crete – you should be able to get one for about 5 euros per day, depending on how long you rent it. For example see
  • Car-rental: It is very easy to rent a car on Crete – you should be able to get one for about 20-30 euros per day. We recommend
  • Walk: Heraklion is small enough to walk around. There is a nice wooden walking path which gets you to the center of Heraklion (15 minute walk). Just follow the sea side to the east. If you follow the beach west, you will find the beach resorts of Amoudara. During winter much will be closed – during summer you will find bars and restaurants and shops. Most of these things are just off the beach around the main road that runs parallel to the beach.
  • Heavy transport: If you need to move heavy or big stuff let us know, we can try to arrange a pickup truck for a couple hours.


Most of the time Crete is sunny and warm with a breeze. In the winter months (January, and sometimes February) the weather can be chilly or wet. We have two options for heating: There is a portable gas heater. You can fill the gas bottle for 18 euros. This will get you some serious heating. If you are romantic and need less heat, get a bag of wood for the fireplace (10 euros). You can by the wood in El.Venizelou Str. in Ammoudara. PLEASE burn the wood close to the wall of the fireplace, in a small amount, to prevent smoke in the house. Also keep a window a bit open. The beach is full of small wood to start the fire. Let us know so we will help you get a bag of wood or get the gas bottle filled up.


Jump in the sea. If you want to see underwater life while cooling off, then take a ResidenceSEA mask and swim out 50 meter where you reach the sea-barrier – it has plenty of fish and octopus.


Please respect the place like yours for the residence period. You will find all the cleaning stuff in the kitchen. Keep it clean and mop the floor at list one time per week to avoid small animals to live with you. Never leave food out and clean the dishes everyday, it will help you not to attract mouse because it’s a beach house. If you cannot manage to keep it clean we can send you a cleaning lady (for 30 euro). Just let us know.


Here is the nearest address where you can wash your laundry :


There is an ATM at about 5 minutes walk. Head east along the coast, direction Heraklion, follow the pedestrian path parallel to the sea. The ATM is yellow (Piraeus) just after the Shell gas station, at the supermarket Xakliadakis.

If that ATM does not work, continue in the same direction towards the center (east) and you will find a big shopping mall called Thalos with several ATMs inside.

Note that in Greece you often need cash to pay.


We have some basic tools in the ResidenceSEA but if you need other tools you could try the tool shop next to the bakery in front of Grand Cafe – see above at Food, Bakery.  Also Carrefour has some tools – see above at Food, Bakery.

Groceries or shopping?

xalkiadakis is the name of the cretan supermarket, you will find after 10 minutes walking in the direction of Heraklion center, you will see also a Pireus Bank ATM next to it.

Suppose your flipflops break or you want to buy a shirt: Thalos is a shopping mall close to ResidenceSEA. Just walk 15 minutes eastwards on the boulevard. Inside Thalos you find other banks, a cinema, a souvlaki place called Yasouvlaki, coffee places like Starbucks, and fastfood places like Goodies and Yankee burgers.  If you continue down the portroad you will hit the Heraklion center pretty soon. Heraklion is a large city – you can find anything.

The other option for groceries or shopping is to go in the opposite way, in the direction of Amoudara, i.e. walk 15 minutes to the west of ResidenceSEA. Amoudara has plenty tourist shops and minimarkets selling all sorts of beach gear, food, etc. So if  you need a sandbucket or swimsuit, try going that direction.

Projector and sound system?

A video projector and sound system can probably be arranged by us, for a couple days – for instance to present your work. Just let us know.


Collaboration works. Ask anyone, just try. Cretans are very warm and welcoming, especially when they see an artist with a strange idea and in need of a hand. Involve them, photograph them,invite them to your event, you might even find a sponsor.

We also know many people, artists, engineers, scientists, craftsmen, workshops, cinemas, theaters, galleries, musea, labs, et cetera, et cetera. Just ask us if you need help or like to collaborate with some local artists people.

Media and publicity?

We encourage and recommend you to plan for an evening to present your work to the public, in the last weekend of your stay at ResidenceSEA. It is standard practice for ResidenceSEA and benefits you and us.

We will help you organise the event. Just explain what you want to do (in front of the audience and/or with the audience). If you plan and prepare then we will manage to get a crowd out to come and see your work.

Many artists staying at ResidenceSEA also organize a small informal meeting/party in the first days of their stay. This is a good moment to meet everyone and find people to work with too.

Do not forget to post on the ResidenceSEA blog, so we can spread the word and people get to know you and get involved. We can help you make a press release and print posters to publicize events and document it. Please coordinate media material with ResidenceSEA. You are encouraged to organize lectures, gatherings, workshop and momentary presentations during your working period. During your residence we ask you to document your work for our blog and archive.


If you want to do touristy stuff: Heraklion has old walls you can walk on (closeby), a nice old port and a nice center to wander around.  At the center you can find the fabulous archeological museum and the Historian museum and other museums and nice orthodox church. Knossos is a famous archeological site (a bit out of town, direction south-east). Amoudara is west of ResidenceSEA and it is (especially in summer) a touristic area with sand beach and bars. Other beautiful beaches are further out west Agia Pelagia (15k west), Fodele, Bali. If you want to see another city try Rethymno – which is 70km west of Heraklion. It will take you about an an hour by bus and has a beautiful old center and fortress. If you want to go even further, you could go to Chania (aka Xania) the old capital of Crete, but it is far for a day trip. If you want to go south, a famous place is Matala, a beach town facing Africa. Matala used to have a large hippy colony in the 60s and still has a lot of hippy culture. See for more options:

And when you are done with the touristic stuff, get back to work asap 🙂

Accommodation close-by?

Most artists sleep at ResidenceSEA during their project. But if you have visitors coming or for some other reason you could easily get a hotel. Heraklion is not so far, just a morning walk. Amoudara is even more close by and has many cheap tourist apartments and hotels. Especially off-season you should be able to get a room with breakfast for a little as 30 euros. Ask for a discount for longer periods. You could also use or for finding options and rates.

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