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This is where I leave you

On Thursday 28th of August at 22:00 ResidenceSEA will present Michaela Schweighofer’s video work “THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU”. Furthermore, the evening encompasses a variety of live music by four young groups from Heraklion: the psychedelic and Blues Rock of TIO TRIO, pieces of sound with words of ABE SADA, followed by NORTE and last but not least the Funk-Experimental band THE KANGOORS  will perform.

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FUNCTION FOLLOWS : : P E R : : F O R M : : E R : :

Performance by Sara De Santis  italian dancer and choreographer and Emanuel Andel new media artist from Vienna.

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 FUNCTION FOLLOWS ::PER::FORM::ER:: at residenceSEA  28. 3. 2014

Sara and Emanuel are collaborating together since 2013 between Italy, Austria and Holland and now they meet at SEA for two intense weeks of research to exploit space and time choreography.

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a r t e o r e m a


07. 02. 2014
Experimental collaborative performance with Live analogue deep techno set at Cinestudio live in Heraklion, Crete.

The event a r t e o r e m a is dedicated to the presentation of international artists who came to Heraklion in Crete at residence SEA to creatively work, study and collaborate on the role of mathematical and formal rules in the creation of (more…)


Here are some moments of the wonderful event that took place at the residenceSEA on Friday the 13th of December 2013:


concept RIFA & COBANE

live sound MINAS

sound enginiering Marietta Grammatikaki

photos Antje Larsen

Clepsichor – Active installation by Mirko Lazović

Clepsichor is a site specific installation, where incandescent lightbulbs are turned into water clocks (clepsydra) each ticking it’s own time.

“Clepsydra (literally “water thief”) is the Greek word for water clock. Also, in ancient Greece, a device for drawing liquids from vats too large to pour.” –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clepsydra 

Clepsichor 2012 from askstudio on Vimeo

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