STIGMIOtypo – Stephanie Felber & Ludger Lamers.

ResidenceSEA presents STIGMIOtypo a performance by Stephanie Felber and Ludger Lamers.

On Friday 25th of August the Berliners artists  performed and show their video made in Heraklion in collaboration with Nikolaos Konstantakis.

Skándalon – Trailer from s.felber on Vimeo.

Stephanie and Ludger are playfully reconstructing new contexts from snippets of other people’s communications, small frames of communicative body lines, postures and gestures observed along the beach and sidewalk of Heraklion during their ResidenceSEA in August 2017.

The artists says: Our fast guided eyes, which are jumping nowadays from one glimpse to the next are losing more often the sense of capture towards that what actually happens…

Stephanie Felber: I am especially interested and inspired by the everyday environment and the subconscious habits that open related questions on social behaviors and structures. My particular interest lays in social choreography and city/landscape architecture.

Ludger Lamers: Above all, my interest in performing arts and around the practice of body work is pointed on sharing processes of research with others. Playfulness and free experimenting are for me the most important elements of a method I enjoy to use for this kind of interaction. Reduced forms of minimalism and abstraction attract my senses as well as the undefined areas between fish and meat.