Sea Expression by Anastasiya Kopteva & Shane Meadows

Sea Expression it’s a work by Anastasiya Kopteva in collaboration with Shane Meadows, realised during their ResidenceSEA in Greece.

Sea Expression explores the differences in how the human brain experiences environments through expressive movement. Brain activity and video was recorded while conducting structured dance improvisation. Recordings were conducted over the course of one day to allow for comparative neurophysiological analysis by limiting factors that can cause additional differences in recording such as weather, humidity, and temperature.

Neuroimaging has traditionally been limited in mobility due to shortcomings in technology. Mobile brain-body imaging technology (MoBI), which includes synchronous  electroencephalography (EEG), is a recent development that allows for the mobile recording of multimodal data (brain activity, motion data, video, etc.) We explored the feasibility of using this technology in a everyday setting by pushing its limits in more extreme settings. Brain and motion data was collected using the Brain Vision LiveAmp with 32 dry electrodes and a triaxial accelerometer.

We explored a large variety of environments including on the seawall, on top of buildings, and in the water. Preliminary findings show differences in Anastasiya’s neurophysiological experiences across locations. A full length video featuring multiple locations with live brain data is in progress.

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