Out-of-program activities and events

Besides the normal ResidenceSEA program, the space can be  used for other activities, provided these are cultural or artistic activities and non-commercial.

Below we explain a bit better what is in-program, what is out-of-program and what type of out-of-program activities or events are allowed.

What are  “in-program” activities or events
The main goal of ResidenceSEA is to offer a space to artists to work and to have artistic meetings and events to show their works and interact with a regular audience of artistic and creative people from around Heraklion. Artists who come to ResidenceSEA, stay at the studio for several weeks, using the space and its tools. Artists pay a one-time fee to contribute to the costs of maintaining the space (electricity, rent, wifi, etc).

ResidenceSEA meetings and events  showcase the work of ResidenceSEA artists. At these events sometimes we invite also DJs or bands to play music, as an extra to the programme. ResidenceSEA does not pay the artists or musicians any fees.  Sometimes we offer free drinks and snacks at our events. At our events there is a box for donations to cover some of our costs (drinks, etc). Sometimes our sponsors provide materials or goods to help us. ResidenceSEA does not receive any financial help from sponsors or funding.

Out-of-program activities and events
It is possible to use the space of ResidenceSEA for other types of activities and events provided they are non-commercial events or non-paid activities, with cultural or artistic value.

Checklist for out-of-program activities or events
Here is a checklist to see if an out-of-program activity or event can be done in ResidenceSEA:
– Artistic or cultural value
– No tickets for entrance
– No selling of products, food or drinks
– No paid services, such as paid classes, paid workshops or paid courses.

Some examples:

–  Culture club needs a place for a marathon of cult videos. They want to use ResidenceSEA for the entire weekend. Everyone is asked to bring some drinks and food to get through the film marathon. OK!

– Alice wants to organize an evening with old Cretan music. She invites some singers and musicians. She also buys a few liters of wine, some juice, and some small snacks (chips and nuts). She puts a donation box at the entrance to cover the costs (tickets of the artists, the costs of the food and drinks). OK!

– Bob wants to organize his birthday party at ResidenceSEA. Not OK: It is not artistic nor cultural.

– Alice, a yoga teacher, needs a space for her class. She wants to use ResidenceSEA and bring 10 students who each pay 20 euro for the lesson. Not OK: Commercial.

– Bob wants to organize a concert at ResidenceSEA. She wants to sell tickets at the entrance to pay the musicians. She is offering to pay ResidenceSEA some money for the space. Not OK: Commercial.

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