Liquid Sound & Work Come Water

On September 12th the artists in ResidenceSEA performed “Liquid sound” by Peter Kraus in collaboration with the interactive work by Andrea Heyer entitled: “Work Come Water”.

Elisabeth Penker’s painting: “hammer” was on stage with her dadada’s improvised songs with Nikos Baboulis at the drums, Roberta Bellante and Antje Larsen performing the interactive words.


Peter with his bass guitar and Andrea with her interactive words performing with our amazing people…



Installation “Shoes from an abandoned hotel” by Peter Kraus


  • Peter Kraus:  performance Liquid Sound” & installation “Shoes from an abandoned hotel”
  • Andrea Heyer: “Work Come Water”
  • Performers: Elisabeth Penker, Roberta Bellante and Antje Larsen
  • Photography and graphic design: Antje Larsen
  • Technical support and sound engineer: Marietta Grammatikaki
  • Cinematography and light: Vasilis Flouris
  • Support: Thomas Schenk