House Rules

ResidenceSEA is a collaborative project, run by artists, for artists, as volunteers. Most have full-time day jobs. ResidenceSEA receives no funding or other support. So we need your help and collaboration to make this work!  Here are some basic rules for you to observe when staying at ResidenceSEA. If you have any doubts or questions just ask us (ResidenceSEA@MaaKali.orG).

Keys to ResidenceSEA

To get the key to enter ResidenceSEA you need to make an appointment with us. Please inform us via email your date and time of arrival in Heraklion so we can pick you up or send you a taxi driver with a special discount.

Blog and documentation

You are expected to document your work on the blog of the ResidenceSEA. Shoot photos, videos, write about your work and experience, explain the work in progress. You will get a user name and password to blog.

On the first day it is a good idea to shoot a photo and make  a first blog to introduce yourself,  so we can share and let everyone know you have arrived. This is a moment when you can explain what you are up to. During your stay feel free to post to our Facebook page with video, sound, text about your working process. It is a good way to engage the community in Heraklion.

We can also help you to document your work with a professional photographer and film maker. Just give us a shout.

Modifications and installations

If needed you can drill and put nails and screws in the walls. Just remove them when you leave. We welcome modifications and improvements of the space, but ask us first.

Basic stuff

  • Keep the space clean and the food not at sight to avoid mice and cockroaches
  • Remove sand from your feet before getting into the space
  • Tap water is drinkable but not recommended
  • Water the plants
  • Open the windows to let air in
  • Turn lights OFF when not necessary
  • Hot water Switch on 15 minutes before use and OFF before getting into the shower cabin, please keep it OFF when no need it


Stuff breaks. Accidents happen. Just like at home, if stuff breaks or if there is damage to the space or furniture, you should repair it. We can help you with finding solutions or the right materials or people. Please let us know if something happened.


It is OK if you want to bring your pets. They can stay inside ResidenceSEA, if they behave 🙂 and are clean .

The neighbours upstairs have 3 dogs. One is a German shepherd, which may look imposing but it is a very sweet dog and guardian of the place – called Moby. Several ResidenceSEA artists used him in pieces or made videos with Moby. Moby is a sweet dog but as with other dogs one important rule is not to disturb him when he is eating food or a chewing a bone.

These 3 dogs cannot stay inside the ResidenceSEA space. Most of the time the dogs will be in the garden or on the top floor but if you find them around the ResidenceSEA space, please tell them to go to the garden of the neighbours.

Accidents and insurance

ResidenceSEA is a shared, collective work place for artists. It is a working space. Use this space at your own risk. We do not provide you with a health or accident insurance and we do not accept any responsibility for accidents to yourself or your visitors.

Children and safety

ResidenceSEA is a working space and it is NOT SAFE  for children. If you come with children or if children are visiting the space, make sure they are supervised ALL THE TIME. If others bring children make sure you pass this message.

Also the sea is VERY close and THE SEA IS DANGEROUS for small kids. Every year children drown. So keep children with you and in sight. Even small kids can be surprisingly fast in reaching the shoreline which is very close. The sandy sea bottom drops steep just at the wave line. If other people come and bring their children please make sure you pass this message.


When you leave, give the key back to us. If you have an early flight, leave it at a bar or somewhere outside – but tell us where!

Before you go, take away all rubbish, all empty bottles, any perishable food, also from the fridge! It may be weeks before the next artist comes.

Waste and rubbish

Please keep the work space clean and tidy. Do not leave food around and make sure food containers are closed, to avoid attracting mice, insects, et cetera.

It is a beach house surrounded by sand and dunes. Don’t let all the sand get inside. Wipe the sand off of you before you get in, do a quick brooming once in a while to keep sand out of the door and entrance.

Bring your rubbish to the public container, which is located in the street just behind the tavern Ta Kalitera. Never leave garbage outside the studio or outside the fence. Dogs and cats will open the garbage bags and make a big mess.

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