Clepsichor – Active installation by Mirko Lazović

Clepsichor is a site specific installation, where incandescent lightbulbs are turned into water clocks (clepsydra) each ticking it’s own time.

“Clepsydra (literally “water thief”) is the Greek word for water clock. Also, in ancient Greece, a device for drawing liquids from vats too large to pour.” – 

Clepsichor 2012 from askstudio on Vimeo

Clepsichor was installed  at:

…”The choral aspect of this constellation presupposes a mutually interconnected relationship of the context, the installation and the audience. Lazović programmed the sounds created by drops of water falling from the light bulbs and synchronised the intervals of every drop, as well as their changes over time…  Maja Ćirić

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Installation Mirko Lazović

Photos ASK and Graham Hodgetts

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