Celebration of the Deep

Celebration of the Deep is a project by Jorgen Teller realised during his 2 weeks at ResidenceSEA in April 2017.

Jørgen Teller was daily working on texts under the title ”Celebration of The Deep”. Shooting videos and manipulating them in a special RGB MAX/JITTER patch. Recording the sea-waves from different locations inside the house. Rehearsing and tuning a Höfner shorty electric guitar in search for a strong open tuning. Preparing pulsation-synth to accompany the wave-recording and finalising a series of beats w. efx for his presentation.

J. Teller also performed at Blow Up Bar/Heraklion for a good house of listeners. He prepared colour painting posters with ”DEEP IS THE BEEP” / ”BEEP IS THE DEEP” to put side by side of the 45 minute slow motion video screened during his Celebration of  The Deep.

As a side project he started writing app. 45 pages w 4×4 liners of free prose inspired by visits to Heraklion and South of Crete: Matala, Petrokafali, Sivas and Agis Pavlos. Filming videos everywhere and recording underwater sounds at ResidenceSEA. Producing abstract colour paintings a couple of nights. Visiting sound artist and colleague Marinos Koutsomichalis in Heraklion.

J. Teller’s review:
“The ResidenceSEA house is a mad and stimulating place to live in. The sea can be heard 24/24 so it enters your deep sleep with strong low frequencies and noise from the waves.

I have had a serie of incredibly confronting dreams here. The funny old menues on the wall of the bar was also very inspiring.

The neighbourhood is both nice and deranging lonely. I had shifting family-members with me which helped my focus and kept me flexible.

The large kitchen worked well for experiment with local vegetables, baby squids, rice etc.

The largest spacey room served me well as a place for thoughts, interaction for different projects etc.

Best wishes for all artists and people passing through this unique site.

Jørgen Teller 18th of april 2017″

Thanks Antje Larsen for the photo documentation!