Open Call

ResidenceSEA is an artist-in-residency program for multimedia art, installation art, video art, sound art, performance art, artscience and technology. ResidenceSEA is open to artists, hackers and researchers from all countries, backgrounds and disciplines, in all combinations. We invite you to send us a proposal for a project at ResidenceSEA in Athens.

Project proposal
If you wish to come to ResidenceSEA first send us a short proposal by email to ResidenceSEA@MaaKali.orG. In your email please explain:

  • Project proposal – a short description of your project, your idea
  • Period – when do you want to use the space and for how long (minimum 2 weeks and maximum 3 weeks)
  • People – who are you and if you are not alone who else will come
  • Past work – a link to your website, a biography, a photo potrait, or a portfolio, or references etc.

ResidenceSEA offers the following facilities:

  • working and living space
  • Wireless internet
  • projector and sound system, on request
  •  venue in the center of Athens for the presentation

Event support
It is common practice and expected to organise an event at the end of your stay at the ResidenceSEA space to present and show the results of your project. We will support you with the organization of this event, invite people, make publicity, press releases in local newspapers, event posters, etc, in Greek and in English.

Residence fee
ResidenceSEA is a collective space and the costs of the space, electricity and cleaning are sustained by the artists who do projects at ResidenceSEA. Please send us an email at for more info.

If you need an invitation letter from us to apply for funding yourself, just let us know. If you are looking for funding, we made a page with some funding programs that we know about (any suggestions are welcome). ResidenceSEA does not receive any funding and we can not fund projects or travel costs.

Proposal accepted
You are coming to ResidenceSEA! Great!

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