Welcome Stephanie Felber

Stephanie Felber a performance artist working with choreography, dance, and photo-videography.and Ludger Lamers dancer and choreographer will collaborate on the research of what is performativity in our everyday life and interact with the local community in Heraklion.  The performativity in daily life and in particular in the central zones of the city, attracts Stephanie curiosity since almost a (more…)


Last year polish artist Dorota Walentynowicz was working at the ResidenceSEA building props for her short film “Unveiling a Parallel”. Following her line of work with camera-objects, she constructed a mobile “Marsochod” – a travesty of a space vehicle, which is exploring and scanning the surface of a foreign planet.

On Sunday, August 6 at 9 PM the film will be screened at the open-air theatre Pyli (more…)

Welcome Anastasiya Kopteva and Shane Meadows

This month ResidenceSEA hosts Anastasiya Kopteva, a Houston-based dancer, choreographer, and researcher and Shane Meadows, industrial designer and visual artist.

At ResidenceSEA,  Anastasiya and Shane will explore choreography and brain response by creating an installation piece using movement, video, and electroencephalography (EEG).

Anastasiya Kopteva studied dance at the Royal Academy of Fine (more…)


Saturday 21:30 ResidenceSEA presents “doorloop, 2 performances by Lieneke Pisters and Hee-Seung Choi. two artists from Holland.

You are welcome to join us at ResidenceSEA, Kilkis road 27, behind the Pankritio stadium.  at ResidenceSEA for an evening of informal conversation and performance.

Doors open at 21:30 | doorloop starts at 22:00

Hee-Seung Choi is a visual artist and Lieneke Pisters (more…)

Welcome Lieneke Pisters & Hee-Seung Choi

Two Netherlands-based artists — Lieneke Pisters, a music theatre performer and Hee-Seung Choi, a visual artist and composer — will share their time at ResidenceSEA, reflecting on different aspects of existential experience in modern society: “energy” and  “public image.” With their different artistic backgrounds, they intend to use ResidenceSEA as a platform for artistic exchange by engaging in discussions (more…)

Welcome VAGA

VAGA body & multimedia experimental is a collaboration of a transdisciplinary artist Kuo Ying Hsiu, from Taiwan, and a choreographer Yang Liu, from China.  

At ResidenceSEA VAGA will work on the theme “Embodying Places”.  This project is a nomadic platform of artistic research exploring the possibilities of body as a tool to analyse local realities and social spheres.

During this 3 weeks (more…)

Capsule Archetyp

Capsule Archetyp is a multi media installation realised by Sadie Weis during her ResidenceSEA in Heraklion. She did  research about the local community and the surrounding, collecting stories and materials, crystallizing them in a site-specific work.


Sadie Weis talk about her experience at ResidenceSEA: “During my period of time at Residencsea, I created a documentary archeological project of Cretan (more…)

Welcome Sadie Weis

Sadie Weis arrived at ResidenceSEA last night from Berlin! She will stay here for 3 weeks to create a cultural time capsule of the Cretan culture.

She said: ‘As the project develops and matures, as human behavioural elements are crystallised in time and space, I realise that keen awareness of the presence is an important tool to penetrate the future.’

Sadie will collect and excavate (more…)

Celebration of the Deep

Celebration of the Deep is a project by Jorgen Teller realised during his 2 weeks at ResidenceSEA in April 2017.

Jørgen Teller was daily working on texts under the title ”Celebration of The Deep”. Shooting videos and manipulating them in a special RGB MAX/JITTER patch. Recording the sea-waves from different locations inside the house. Rehearsing and tuning a Höfner shorty electric guitar in (more…)

Welcome Jørgen Teller

This month ResidenceSEA hosts the electronic musician Jørgen Teller from Denmark. He will perform his new solo project: STATIC TELLER at Blow Up in Heraklion city center the 13th of April at 9pm (21:00).

Jørgen Teller has a long career as an electric guitarist, vocal and electronic musician and he released many records solo and with Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs. He co-labed with players (more…)

Thalassoporos ou pelos poros do mar

Thalassoporos ou pelos poros do mar is a project by Rafa Carvalho

The Brazilian poet, performer and musician Rafa Carvalho was inspired by the sea and created a performance  of two hours with action poetry in Greek, English and Portuguese languages. All the visitors participated actively in his play and had a magic and poetic night with the artist. Now Rafa is touring his work along the Mediterranean (more…)

Welcome Rafa Carvalho

Today the Brazilian poet Rafa Carvalho arrived at residenceSEA! He comes to work with us and to improve performing techniques and poetry inspired by the SEA sensations. 

You are welcome to meet him at the residenceSEA during the next 3 weeks, he is open to collaborate with local artists and the community of Heraklion.

Rafa wrote a book of poems called “auto-mar” and created a musical project (more…)

Myth of Europe, next chapter

On Saturday, the 18th of February 2017 ResidenceSEA presented Myth of Europe, next chapter – by Łukasz Krupski in collaboration with the group Spin the wheel. 

Łukasz Krupski  is a sculptor from Poland. His work explores the interconnection between Greek mythology and contemporary culture.

Spin the wheel is a group of creative cyclists who collaborated with us to create this event to raise money (more…)

Welcome Łukasz Krupski

Łukasz Maria Krupski arrived today at ResidenceSEA. He is a young sculptor from Poland and he will research ancient Greek sculpture and the connection with contemporary hyperspace. Łukasz got his Master of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and studied philosophy and psychology at Warsaw University.

Lukasz’s statement: “I like to emphasize the dependence of contemporary (more…)

iMMM intermediate mental maps

Lose Combo about their project IMMM:

In intermediate mental maps we present the research results on subjective mapping processes that we developed during our stay at ResidenceSEA on Crete.
In her recent drawings Esther is concerned with islands that she is visiting in fact or mentally, while Jörg is exploring the potentials of a time-based cartography with the means of video and sounds that may (more…)

iMMM – intermediate mental maps

On Friday, 14th of October 2016 ResidenceSEA introduces iMMM – intermediate mental maps in which Esther Ernst and Jörg Laue present their research results on subjective mapping processes that they developed during their stay at the ResidenceSEA. In her recent drawings Esther is concerned with islands that she is visiting in fact or mentally, while Jörg is exploring the potentials of a time-based cartography (more…)

Welcome Lose Combo

Today arrive at ResidenceSEA LOSE COMBO a performance company based in Berlin, founded by the German artist Jörg Laue. Since 1994 Lose Combo developed several hybrid long-time project series – manly on the issues of “myth/history”, “ghost-stories of media” and “labyrinths of time”.

Jörg Laue will stay at ResidenceSEA for tree weeks and collaborate with the visual artist Esther Ernst creating a new  (more…)

Liquid Sound & Work Come Water

On September 12th the artists in ResidenceSEA performed “Liquid sound” by Peter Kraus in collaboration with the interactive work by Andrea Heyer entitled: “Work Come Water”.

Elisabeth Penker’s painting: “hammer” was on stage with her dadada’s improvised songs with Nikos Baboulis at the drums, Roberta Bellante and Antje Larsen performing the interactive words.


Peter with his bass guitar and (more…)

Rocamadour // Poseidon’s Pride // beats&trash

Rocamadour (Fleur Khani) and Berten Vermander share the residenceSEA this August 2016. They present their work parallel to each other and invite you to come join them for an evening of music, installation and conversation.


ResidenceSEA presents Belgian actress and musician Fleur Khani with her new pop project Rocamadour. About a year ago Khani decided to start putting her texts into electronic (more…)

Welcome Fleur Khani

This month at ResidenceSEA we host the Belgian artist Fleur Khani.

Fleur Khani is a meta artist working with performance, voice, music theatre and scenography. Her last CD
Doctor is the first single of Khani’s forthcoming EP (march 2017). She writes and produces deep pop, bringing female fierceness back into the European mainstream. Her work called “Space Agency” it’s a time machine on stage (more…)

Welcome Patrícia J. Reis

This month we welcome Patrícia J. Reis  to ResidenceSEA. Patricia is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal who currently lives in Vienna, Austria. In her work she pursues new ways of interaction and sensorial engagement with the public in the interdisciplinary field of art and technology. During her stay at ResidenceSEA, she will work on the project entitled Medusa Vs Odalisque  in collaboration with the (more…)

Welcome Mike Cooper

This month at ResidenceSEA we host the British musician and composer Mike Cooper. He will be working  for four weeks at the residenceSEA , continuing his research called Island Gardens  to create music for imaginary, hyperreal beach scenes. He will also make a new audio piece for release on Room40 records later this year titled ‘Raft’, which will be dedicated to William Willis and Vital Alsar (more…)


On Wednesday, May 25, at 21:00, ResidenceSEA will present Spiritus, an installation by Caitlin Harder and Tomoe Tsutsumi.
Spiritus is a work utilizing moving image, sculptural form and the spatial dynamics of the ResidenceSEA structure itself, in order to investigate the relationship between individual human perception and the power of outside forces. 
The sea and the night sky as spaces are at (more…)

Welcome Caitlin Harder and Tomoe Tsutsumi

This month we welcome to the ResidenceSEA two international artists working and living in New York: Caitlin Harder from USA and Tomoe Tsutsumi  from Japan. They will collaborate together and work on a project entitled Spiritus. Spiritus explores the relation between humans perceptions and the forces of nature.

* “The sea and the night sky as spaces are at once reflective and absorptive; deeply personal, (more…)

Krpff: Sillable Space Flooding

 Krpff: Syllable Space Flooding by Thomas Havlik

22 April at 22:00

“Krpff: Syllable Space Flooding” is a sound poetry performance using speeches of politicians and recordings of demonstrations to create an expressive field of interpretation, flooding the space by using the phonetic aspects of speech and sounds instead of semantics and syntactics.

Videopoetry extended
video, speechsounds, asemantic (more…)

Welcome Thomas Havlik

This month Thomas Havlik is at ResidenceSEA  working on and doing research in the field of performance, sound and visual-poetry; Combining voice live-processing with prepared micro pieces of letters, alphabetic strings, phonemes and text snippets. Expanding the abilities of live literature tested for the first time on March 11th at Cabaret Voltaire Zürich (CH) and on March 31th at the Austrian Cultural (more…)

Dorota Walentynowicz Unveiling a Parallel

During March 2016  Dorota Walentynowicz, from Gdansk, Poland,  was working at ResidenceSEA on her new project called “Unveiling a Parallel”. The project is inspired by a 19th century feminist science fiction novel and investigates the processes of crafting our knowledge about Mars and fantasies about possible life on it.

Visit the artist website: www.dobrze.nlVFL_0058

“Unveiling a Parallel” Synopsis: In (more…)

Welcome Nele Suisalu & Maarja Tõnisson

This month ResidenceSEA is hosting two artists from Estonia:
Nele Suisalu (dancer and vocal artist)12234882_10153285039408295_1846029394420543677_n and
Maarja Tõnisson (dancer and performance artist).10409109_959615407400052_2278407615317389843_n

They call themselves hackers of the human body-voice-mind.

The working title for their collaboration is Affectspace. Quoting the artists: “Affectspace is a performative work relying on two-voiced and two-bodied hybrid entity aiming to create (more…)

ResidenceSEA listed in the BLUE Magazine

GUIDE / HERAKLIONScreen Shot 2016-01-23 at 22.10.26
Heraklion: Where old and new exist side by side in harmony

“Shaped by various cultures and influences over the ages, Heraklion is a major Mediterranean port city with world-class museums and archeological sites which also holds great appeal for the forward-looking modern traveller.” ( article by Fotis Vallatos)

ResidenceSEA is listed in the Aegean airline BLUE magazine with what (more…)

Welcome Jagannathan Sampath

Jagannathan Sampath from India stay at ResidenceSEA for 4 weeks experimenting with binaural drones.

Jagannathan Sampath, aka Jag, is a researcher, programmer of software and author of DIN is Noise a musical instrument for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. He started out writing software for computer games and film special effects. Then, about 8 years ago, he learnt to program computers to make sounds (more…)


On Friday the 2nd of October, 22:00, the artist duo LOLO & LAUTI from Argentina presents their project DIRTY BEACH in collaboration with RODRIGO MORAES Uruguayan artist at ResidenceSEA in Heraklion. The evening continued with the premiere of two amazing bands from Heraklion: QUEEN TAKES JACK and LOLLIPOP and end with MARY & MATTHEW CRAWLEY  DJs. Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.37.32

LOLO & LAUTI are an artist duo from Buenos (more…)

welcome LOLO & LAUTI

From today and for the following two weeks ResidenceSEA will be hosting 3 Artists living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

LOLO & LAUTI is an artist duo from Argentina working together since 2011 and Rodrigo Moraes is an art director and film maker from Uruguay.

0uhTiys 40RpLxSNtRAiJIvOiBHrz GqKW7KY cuZTPWJ3soZWtb

LoLo & Lauti will work together in Heraklion for two weeks in collaboration with Rodrigo Moraes documenting and datascasping
the psychogeographic (more…)

The Blue Keeper

The Blue Keeper, a work by Ilaria Villagrassa in collaboration with Roberto Ghisu and Vasilis Flouris.vasilis the blue keeper 2blue keeper underwater flowers 2Oil painting on canvas 100x150cm - I. VillagrassaBlue keeper VideoStill image from the video: The Blue Keeper

The Blue Keeper is a combination of paintings, sounds and video fragments. The Blue Keeper is a space of mystery, a state of mind, surrounded by feelings.
For more information about Ilaria and Roberto and (more…)

Welcome Ilaria Villagrassa and Roberto Ghisu

This week a duo of Italian artists will arrive at ResidenceSEA: Ilaria Villagrassa, painter, and Roberto Ghisu, film maker. They will work and experiment at ResidenceSEA until mid August.

Ilaria Villagrassa and Roberto Ghisu will collaborate on their project titled: “The Blue Keeper”. See below.

Ilaria and Roberto are looking for collaborations with local musicians, so stay tuned and visitthem (more…)

Musique con Crète – Tasos Stamou

11787285_10153791498081840_2031846026_nTasos Stamou is an electroacoustic music composer, an improvised music performer, an alternative music technologist and tutor, currently based in London.
During a decade he has been exploring and utilizing several different mediums of original sonic creation, into various recordings and performances; arrangements with self-modified electronics (circuit bending) and found objects, electronic music (more…)

circuit bending workshop by Tasos Stamou

Join us 20th of July from 5pm till 10pm for a circuit bending/hacking sound toys workshop, led by sound artist Tasos Stamou. The workshop provides an introduction to modifying techniques and alternative electronic instrument designs. It is suitable for beginners as well as to more experienced hackers and sound explorers to push forward their ideas and projects of innovative sound interfaces.


Musique Con-CRETE

Musique Con-CRETE by Tasos Stamou

This week Tasos Stamou, a sound artist, will arrive at ResidenceSEA. His project is to approach traditional Cretan music and the geographic space of Crete, using contemporary music media.10928890_10153190282778909_6060537082233288498_o Tasos will use electronic manipulation of original instrumental and field recordings (urban and rural), rare archived recordings and a series of studio recordings to createa new (more…)


Karnikis - heARTWORKs f

Social graphic design and punk music at ResidenceSEA in Heraklion

heARTWORKs is a presentation by the graphic designer Kostas Karnikis about graphic design work and digital art with the icon and the shape of the human heart. Many commercial logos, digital art, illustrations and stencils have the shape of the human heart. Kostas questions this well-known shape and analyzes if it fears or clears (more…)

Photos of the residenceSEA opening 07.03.2015

Here are the photos from the ResidenceSEA presentation of  “Tsipras as Kolokotronis” by  Mathew Halpin. The night continued with the an open DJs set where many DJs came to play  experimental electronic music. See you at the next ResidenceSEA event.



Mathew’s paintings are often satire and reflections of our society and human relations. He mostly uses retro and kitsch images, thereby contrasting (more…)

Tsipras as Kolokotronis by Mathew Halpin

ResidenceSEA presents Mathew Halpin: Tsipras as Kolokotronis

On Saturday, 7th of March 2015, at 20:00, ResidenceSEA will open the season with a presentation and talk by the artist Mathew Halpin. He will show and talk about a selection of his paintings and premier his latest painting “Tsipras as Kolokotronis”.


Mathew Halpin is an Australian visual artist and theater set designer, who lives (more…)

Tension Flow Fury

Tension_Flow_Fury, a Tape Art project by Fiorakis Manolis and ASK.



Manolis Fiorakis, one of the artists, says: ResidenceSEA is not just the space, where this batch takes place. It is also the lab, where the ingredients of this process are purified. Tape art is not just the medium. It’s the law that compels the whole process. SONY DSCAbout the project: The project Tension-Flow-Fury consists
of 3 (more…)

Welcome Manolis Fiorakis

Manolis Fiorakis aka oot was born in Heraklion,Crete and studied Civil Engineering and Interior Design in Athens. He works as an Interior Designer in his recently founded architectural studio. He works and live between Heraklion and Athens.


He started experimenting with tape art one year ago and has stuck ever since. Designs on canvas, murals and freestyle street art is his thing but he’s always (more…)

Welcome ASK !

Andreas Stavrianoudakis Kampas, name ASK, was born in Heraklion, Crete on 1979. He studied at the Scool of Fine Arts in Athens in the orientation of painting. He already present his work in tree solo exhibition in Germany and in Greece and participate in more then twenty group exhibitions in different countries: Greece, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, USA, Italy.

ASK will work at residenceSEA for 4 weeks (more…)

This is where I leave you

On Thursday 28th of August at 22:00 ResidenceSEA will present Michaela Schweighofer’s video work “THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU”. Furthermore, the evening encompasses a variety of live music by four young groups from Heraklion: the psychedelic and Blues Rock of TIO TRIO, pieces of sound with words of ABE SADA, followed by NORTE and last but not least the Funk-Experimental band THE KANGOORS  will perform.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 14.33.55

Within (more…)

Welcome Michaela Schweighofer

The Austrian artist Michaela Schweighofer is the new invited artist at ResidenceSEA, Heraklion. She arrived on August 1st and will stay for a month to do research on the boundaries of different media and the connection between sculpture and video.Unbekannt

“When is a sculpture a sculpture, when is a prop a prop, when is it a backdrop, when is the backdrop an object and where can it be (more…)

Tremula – I sing because


The Tremula project is a collaboration between vocalist Elsa Grégoire and pianist Lukas Rabe. In their approach to musical creation, you are invited to a musical world where it is impossible to tell where the words end and the music starts.

The duo Tremula was at residenceSEA in February 2014 and they presented their work in a collaborative performance entitled Arteorema. Here you can see the video (more…)


This Saturday 26th April at 22:00 at residenceSEA in Heraklion Maria Morschitzky present her work “ The Sea I See ” an audio-visual performance and stop-motion video.

Maria Morschitzky is an international artist from Austria who experiments with shadows and drawings. This month Maria is staying at ResidenceSEA in Heraklion. During her stay at ResidenceSEA, inspired by the stormy sea, she has created (more…)

Welcome Maria Morschitzky

Maria Morschitzky will stay for a1424579_635267629856880_166048214_n month in Crete at ResidenceSEA experimenting with shadows of drawings. She researches the possibilities of movement of drawings and shapes, with shadow projections of moveable light sources. She tries to discover and develop some “old-school” techniques of animation (drawings on paper with pastel chalk, and some kind of pre cinematic projection). Her goal at residenceSEA is to (more…)

FUNCTION FOLLOWS : : P E R : : F O R M : : E R : :

Performance by Sara De Santis  italian dancer and choreographer and Emanuel Andel new media artist from Vienna.

1911246_10152126824943366_566248390_o (1)

 FUNCTION FOLLOWS ::PER::FORM::ER:: at residenceSEA  28. 3. 2014

Sara and Emanuel are collaborating together since 2013 between Italy, Austria and Holland and now they meet at SEA for two intense weeks of research to exploit space and time choreography.

The interior architecture (more…)

Function Follows : : P E R : : F O R M : : E R : :


On Friday 28th of March at 22:00 in Heraklion

The residenceSEA will present FUNCTION FOLLOWS ::PER::FORM::ER:: a work of Emanuel Andel new media artist from Vienna and Sara de Santis italian dancer and choreographer.

They are collaborating together since 2013 between Italy, Austria and Holland and now they meet at SEA for two intense weeks of research to exploit space and time choreography.

The (more…)

At the residenceSEA

The other weekend when we had gathered to prepare the residenceSEA for our next artists, Sara and Emanuel, we observed this wonderful dynamic interplay:

Winter's last attack Winter's last attack WInter's last attack


a r t e o r e m a


07. 02. 2014
Experimental collaborative performance with Live analogue deep techno set at Cinestudio live in Heraklion, Crete.

The event a r t e o r e m a is dedicated to the presentation of international artists who came to Heraklion in Crete at residence SEA to creatively work, study and collaborate on the role of mathematical and formal rules in the creation of (more…)


Here are some moments of the wonderful event that took place at the residenceSEA on Friday the 13th of December 2013:


concept RIFA & COBANE

live sound MINAS

sound enginiering Marietta Grammatikaki

photos Antje Larsen



One of the consequences of the current economic crisis, the lack of spending for show opportunities in the usual institutions on the field (galleries, art centres, museums), has driven artists and alternative initiatives to invest in other, and more open, forms of creative expression and work within the space of the community. exploring the variety of the public space, through the collaboration and (more…)


Heraklion 13 December 2013, Greece

In the framework of its activities for the period 2013-14, residenceSEA presents the artists Rifa from Vienna and the Londoner Curtiss Cobane in their endeavour in the city of Heraklion, which concluded to the video and rap music production under title “QUIRKY VANΔALIΣΜ”. The opening of their show at the premises of residenceSEA is scheduled for Friday, (more…)

Welcome Curtiss Cobane from UK!!!


Curtiss Cobane just arrived at ResidenceSEA to join RIFA in a joint music production.

Curtiss Cobane is a writing, singing and rapping artist from the UK who is a “creative soul who’s always looking for growth…”. He describes his work as ‘The poetry of a rebel’. Curtis lives between London and Vienna.



CCCobane (more…)

Welcome RIFA !!!

RIFA artist in residenceSEA from 11 November till 23 December 2013 rifarifa RIFA is an alternative/indie project that is largely presented by electronic music. From experimental genres as IDM, glitch, trip-hop through danceable rhythms to dub tracks with samples of all kinds such as movie quotes but also rapped numbers (Der Randamplan) with mainly socio-critical statements. Often in mystical, dark apocalyptic (more…)

H3 – Visual concert

H3 Visual concert at Cinestudio Live in HeraklionH3_Visual_Concert_2013_215020

Three unique instruments, matching vibrations and oscillations, will take you on an immersive sound and visual journey.

The most well-known of the three, the harp, needs no introduction – the harp is one of the oldest instruments and harps were played by cultures all over the world. The hang, on the contrary, is a very young instrument, developed (more…)

Science Opera by Oded Ben-Horin

December 2012, January 2013, @ResidenceSEA, Heraklion

The collaboration between Artscientists Michela Pelusio and Oded Ben-Horin is based on a multi-disciplinary approach to simultaneous artistic and scientific explorations and understandings. In the winter of 2012/13, music, text, sounds, and the possibilities of the original SpaceTime Helix instruments were explored, working together with traditionalGreek (more…)

Clepsichor – Active installation by Mirko Lazović

Clepsichor is a site specific installation, where incandescent lightbulbs are turned into water clocks (clepsydra) each ticking it’s own time.

“Clepsydra (literally “water thief”) is the Greek word for water clock. Also, in ancient Greece, a device for drawing liquids from vats too large to pour.” –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clepsydra 

Clepsichor 2012 from askstudio on Vimeo

[gallery src=”″ (more…)

Sensing your Environment through Art